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Summerlin West

Welcome to the Wild Wild West.

Summerlin West Villages and Districts

Key Verbiage 101 as we move West:

VILLAGE: Beyond the urban core, to the west, the community will open up to a variety of large villages, each with its own unique natural features and points of interest.

DISTRICT: These distinct character districts are organized around a vibrant urban core. The closer to the core, the higher the residential density and the more town-like the ambience. Located on the east side of Summerlin West, they are the first areas planned for development in the community.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Within the villages and districts, smaller areas will emerge, unified by their own character and landmarks. These neighborhoods will help break down the scale of the community into friendly, identifiable places with a clear sense of address.

COMMERCIAL CORE: The land dedicated to commercial uses throughout Summerlin West will be developed in harmony with the needs of its neighbors – interesting places between home and the office that invite you to stop, hang out, catch up with friends, a quiet corner to do some work, a vibrant square, or maybe even a place to call home. Taking “town” to a higher level, the urban core will be an original and lively town center easily accessible from the trails and parks just outside your back door. Think of it as the yin to Downtown Summerlin’s yang.  A new destination with its own identity borne from its unique location.

How is Hughes preserving the natural environment as we continue to move further west in development?

As the developer of the master-planned community of Summerlin, The Howard Hughes Corporation has long recognized its obligation as a steward of the land. The company’s dedication to preserving the environment has been demonstrated in many ways over the years, most notably two land exchanges in which Hughes pulled Summerlin’s boundary eastward out of Red Rock Canyon, adding 6,400 acres to the National Conservation Area and creating a permanent gateway and buffer zone that will forever protect Red Rock Canyon and preserve its pristine character.

Additional Info

How many more years do we anticipate until Summerlin is fully developed?

We currently have at least 20 more years of anticipated development.  Our teams plan and engineer future lands for at least five years in the future working through land and traffic studies in partnership with respective municipalities.  There are some areas that take an evolutionary approach to develop and more time than other villages.  Downtown Summerlin is the perfect example as this village began with the opening of Red Rock Resort-Casino-Spa and the master plan has ebbed and flowed through designs and trends allowing us to meet market demands and take advantage of unexpected opportunities like developing an outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment mecca and bringing the NHL practice facility and Las Vegas Ballpark home to Summerlin.  Somethings beautiful take a little bit more time curate.

Summerlin West Territory Map